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The Conman

This is our version of the dumpster, a full volume shortboard with wide nose and tail outline. A low entry rocker with eccelled tail kick, single concave, flaat deck and full rails gives it a nice glide in small to medium surf. ( ride 3" to 4" shorter then your shortboard )


The Frocket

This is our best selling well rounded board for North-east conditions. A low entry rocker through the nose to get the board moving quickly and a super kick in tail for tight turns in the pocket. The unique looking frocket tail has fluted wings taking some fattness out of the back rail to eliminate sliding in larger surf. This is a MUST have in everyone's quiver. ( Designed for knee- slightly overhead surf... )


The Morg

Our standard performance shortboard, single concave between feet with subtle flow extending through nose and tail. A relaxed nose rocker with super tail kick for fluid power rail to rail surfing. Available in all tail shapes.


The PS Thumb

This is our performance short thumb tail, featuring a wider fuller outline then your standard short. Designed for someone looking to ride a short in not so great surf . The continuous curvey outline compliments the smooth round tail for nice flowing surfing. Also a great board for Northeast winter surfing with the added all around volume. ( Ride a couple of inches shorter and about an inch wider the average shortboard )


The Lockdown

This is our step-up model, it's a stretched out version of our Morg shortboard. Ride 3' to 4' bigger keeping the width and thickness close to the same. If your looking for a great travel board or something for some larger winter surf then this is for you.


The Quadzilla

This was our first board model ever and still today one of the most popular. A board that makes surfing easy, one that does the work for you. The four fins built for speed allows you to focus on where you are going to crank your next big turn.


The Quadzilla 2

This is a sleeker updated version of the OG Quadzilla. We narrowed up nose and tail outline for quicker rail to rail surfing. Also we added more rocker to tail for someone looking for a quad shape to ride in good surf.


The Longfish

This is a great design for beginner's or longboarder's looking for a more aggressive shape without sacrificing paddle power. The bottom feature's a slight single concave to deep double barrel through the tail. It has the glide feel of a longboard but has great turning ability.(Reccomended size 7'0 - 8'0)


The Gypsy

This is our classic 70's twin keel, known for exceptional performance in smaller surf. Tons of volume throughout this little fatty, flat to double concave through tail making this a speed machine. Glass on keels available in wood or fiberglass.


The Simi

The Simi is my version of the mini Simmons plank which was designed in the late 40's. Again it seem's we are going back in time in board design to move forward. Due to the large amount of surface volume it give's you a fast, loose, skatey feel. A rolled upper belly and a slight single concave through the fins make's this design the ultimate small wave mongrel. Ride this board 5" to 8" shorter then your normal board. (available with traditional keels or quad)


The Perf. Fun

Our performance fun designed for many types of people and conditions. This design paddles like a funshape but rides like a shortboard. Double barrel concave through tail and modern rocker . Also a great board for beginner surfer's.


The Over-Easy

Our speed egg model, a great board for novice surfers or someone looking to down size from a log needing more performance. Forgiving mid-length rails and hard edge in tail makes this a very versatile board. Available single or 2+1 set up. Also available with a subtle diamond tail.


The Soul-dier

The retro influence of the single fin still meets the needs of today's surfer. This board rides well in the tube and has great drive off the bottom. The full outline and distributed volume make it a great paddler. Single- fin glass on or box.


The Day Tripper

Our classic single-fin log, soft rails and subtle vee off tail will make you glide and enjoy the ride. Available in soft diamond tail or wide square tail.


The Gun

" Point and Shoot " flat bottom with slight vee off tail. This board features forward volume for paddle power. Designed for big waves for someone with big BALLS, 7'0 and up...

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